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About us – Uxool is a representative of the Global Limited Group holding, one of the leading flagships in the field of investment and brokerage services. The reputation of holding applies to all companies that represent it, including Uxool. Consequently, we can be trusted and rely on preferences in a variety of investment projects to which clients of other companies do not even have access. By becoming a client of the Uxool company, you join the thousands of leading investors with an average annual income of 160% per annum net profit. To do this, we place at our clients disposal the best analysts and traders, leading software and high-speed access to the Trade Network.

Consulting from the world's leading investment markets – analysts is comprehensive and up-to-date information that is immediately converted into net profit for Uxool customers. More than 4 thousand of the most successful investors and traders in the CIS and Europe have already used this service and were able to increase their income level by 12-34% per annum in net profit. In addition to high-quality trading signals and analysts, even hidden factors of investment markets, our clients also get an interpretation of analytics, which allows us to predict the range of future market changes and choose any niche that is convenient for us. In particular, alternative sectors are considered as well, which will be indirectly involved in connection with the upcoming market change. This allows you to avoid competition and be a flagship even on the periphery, earning additional profits outside the main investment. High-quality round-the-clock support and information on all aspects of your investments through Uxool.

The vector of the Uxool company – is the flagships of the financial markets, the dynamics of which, as you know, is the most rapid and unpredictable. Our experts regularly conduct a comprehensive technical audit of the markets and a comparison of all factors that even indirectly affect investments. Daily analytics is conducted on the basis of information from more than 700 different sources and the result is checked by various experts from different sectors of the economy. Thanks to this, we are able to diversify the risks of our customers and provide the most cost-effective information that can be immediately converted into net profit with maximum profit.

Investment portfolios – is a set of assets that are correctly distributed across sectors; we build on the basis of rich experience, adjusted for the dynamics of market changes. The formation of the investment portfolio in the Uxool company can be represented by currency, options, bonds, obligations and contracts, stocks, precious metals, and many others. In addition, profitable forecasts from the analytics of our experts are attached, and this is valuable information that is not publicly available. Consulting and support of the investment portfolio also include daily monitoring, auditing and forecasts for all assets of our client’s investment portfolio. If the markets expect a rapid change in vectors, you will be the first to know about this and will be able to take advantage of the situation, significantly increasing the profit from investments. You don’t have to directly participate in the control of the assets of your investment portfolio and transfer it to the trust management of our experts. The investment portfolio can be not only static, but also dynamically changed under the situation in the markets whose assets it contains. This allows you to get the maximum diversification of investments and increase their profitability by 6-27%. We also provide our clients with the installation of any percentage of risk threshold and all the tools to replace a portfolio at any convenient time.

Maintaining investment portfolios – Uxool company takes in managing investment portfolios of all types and its content. You can independently choose your project manager, consultants and profitability analysts for your projects. If necessary, you can request an analyst to manage your investment portfolio from any other expert, even a third-party one. Also, the change of the manager and consultants is made on demand and implemented during the day on weekdays. The client independently determines all parameters of management of his investment portfolio and manager's management rights, in particular, the diversification threshold and the possibility of replacing the assets of his portfolio.

Foreign exchange and commodity markets – are the most volatile financial markets, providing the maximum return on investment. However, the dynamics of these markets are the most rapid and unpredictable. It is not possible to independently obtain information on all sectors and combine it into a single audit vector. However, the company Uxool has duplicate analytical centers with many experts, so we are able to predict the most rapid markets and get the maximum profit from all vectors. By becoming our client, you will get access to all this information and will be able to use it at your discretion and with the support of consultants who provide insurance in all areas of investment and transactions. Infographics and current comments from analysts will always be at your disposal.

You can familiarize yourself with all the licenses and reviews of financial commissions for Uxool company in the corresponding section of the website.

If you want to get the most out of your investments and diversify risks, reducing them to the minimum possible - trust only the best specialists who have practical experience and “keep their hand on the pulse”. Our experts and specialists are leading participants in financial markets with a name and reputation. The Global Limited Group Holding and the Uxool company are the flagships of the financial markets, we are always one step ahead. With us - your success is guaranteed and conditioned. So join our team and get the maximum from what is possible.



  • Best Forex Provider of 2015 Investors Chronicle & Financial Times
  • Best FX Provider of 2016 Online Personal Wealth Awards
  • Best FX Broker of 2017 Shares Awards
  • Best forex performance of 2017 CFI

The activities of our company are subject to licenses: CySec, MiFID, Ernst & Young and Belize IFSC (license number 60/354 / TS / 17). The availability of these licenses is evidence and guarantee of the provision of high-quality services by UXOOL to its clients at the highest level of service, in accordance with the highest regulations and requirements. UXOOL Ltd is part of the international holding company Leverate Financial Services Ltd (Regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission License no. 160/11) .

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