The forecast of the average annual exchange rate of the ruble

Published - 2018-05-05

The Ministry of Economic Development has lowered its forecast for the average annual ruble-dollar rate in 2019, said the head of the department, Maxim Oreshkin, speaking during the government hour in the State Duma.

In the previous version of the macro forecast, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade laid the rate of 63.9 rubles / $ 1 on average for 2019.

“We are estimating the rate slightly weaker in relation to the previous forecast, we expect the dollar to be at the level of 66 rubles on average per year,” said M. Oreshkin.

"But this is mainly due to changes in the euro-dollar pair than to some internal factors," the minister said.

The exact figure of the forecast for 2019 - 66.4 rubles per dollar follows from the presentation of M. Oreshkin’s speech in the State Duma.

M. Oreshkin also said that the ministry lowered the forecast of the ruble exchange rate for 2020 and 2021. In the new version of the forecast, the average annual ruble exchange rate for 2020 has been lowered to 67.2 rubles for a dollar from 63.8 rubles, in 2021 - up to 67.8 rubles from 64 rubles.

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