Advantages of trading indexes with UXOOL

  • 55+ currency pairs
  • 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Leverage: up to 1:200
  • Trading in the most liquid market in the world
  • An ideal choice for beginners due to the low deposit amounts

About trading in the Forex market

Forex exchange trading (currency trading) is trading operations on the modern currency exchange market. In simple terms, Forex is a decentralized global market where individuals, companies and financial organizations exchange currencies at floating rates.

The current floating exchange rate system, as presented today, was adopted after the Second world war and is still in effect. Prior to the current floating exchange rate system, the so-called Bretton Woods agreement was in place, under which exchange rates were rigidly fixed, and these rates depended on gold reserves in the currency-issuing countries that entered the exchange market

The Forex Market

The Forex market in its modern form is the world's largest and most liquid market. It is due to a number of factors, including the ease of transactions via the Internet, the availability of travel for the modern man, the ease of communication between people, and the development of transport communications.

In our small and cramped world, it has become easier to move around and exchange with goods and services. And in order to make this possible, we are faced with the need to exchange currencies for each other. All these needs led to the appearance of the Forex market, which is growing every year. The growth of the volume of operations on it will continue in the future, and Forex itself will become more dynamic, liquid, and fast.

Online Forex trading

Along with the main participants of the Forex market, one of the growing segments of participants in it can be called individual traders (individuals) who participate in trading, mainly for the purpose of profit. Their ultimate goal is to make a profit on currency fluctuations (market changes) or currency risk hedging.

Traders from this segment enter the market through brokers (such as XM) or through the banks. In this case, the Bank (or the broker) provides the retail client with a trading account to which funds are credited in the base currency (usually, it’s the local currency of the country in which the client resides), and the client is given the opportunity to buy and sell currency both online and by phone. The client trades on the market for the purpose of profit.

Forex trading through brokers

Participation in Forex trading with the help of a broker, for example, the UXOOL, involves providing the client with real-time currency quotes and displaying the purchase and sale prices for various instruments in his online trading platform. The client can choose at what price to buy or sell the currency, and can make transactions at any time.

  • Best Forex Provider of 2015 Investors Chronicle & Financial Times
  • Best FX Provider of 2016 Online Personal Wealth Awards
  • Best FX Broker of 2017 Shares Awards
  • Best forex performance of 2017 CFI

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