Unique designs

  • Facilitates accurate risk calculation
    for investors
  • Mandatory for managers, incoming
  • Removes psychological stress
    from managers

Choose your method of protection

  • Minimum account balance
  • Minimum drawdown per week
  • Minimum drawdown per 24 hours
  • Maximum leverage
  • Maximum drawdown

The full scheme of risk management

Benefits of a risk management system

  • Gives the investor a choice.
    The investor can choose any degree of aggression of the manager’s trading strategy.
  • Reduces non-trading risks.
    Opportunity to invest in smaller amounts with aggressive multi-accounts with the same result.
  • Facilitates risk calculation.
    Standardizing multi-account risk simplifies risk calculation and portfolio compilation.
  • v.
    The manager does not need to maintain several accounts with different levels of aggressiveness, and, at the same time, it is possible to be content with the advantages of accounts with different degrees of aggressiveness.

Benefits of the risk management system for the manager

  • 1. Coordination of restrictions with managers (for managers included in the Index)
    All mandatory restrictions are consistent with managers so that they do not interfere with trade. In most investment systems, restrictions are set by the investor without coordination with the managers, which leads to losses.
  • 2. Installing mandatory constraints for managers (for non-index managers)
    All mandatory restrictions are set by the manager based on his risk management. In most investment systems, restrictions are set by the investor without coordination with the manager, which leads to losses.
  • 3. Removing psychological stress from managers
    The manager cannot change the parameters of risk management restrictions at his own desire during the course of trading, as a result of which the probability of deviation from the trading system and an increase in risk are minimized. The manager is protected from making mistakes due to the influence of strong emotions.

Benefits of the risk management system for the investor

  • 1. Predefined risk management settings (mandatory part of the system)
    The investor is not obliged to understand portfolio management and adjust the parameters of risk management accounts independently. The company, as agreed with the managers (for the members of the Managed Accounts Indexes), or the managers themselves (for the non-members of the Managed Accounts Indexes) set mandatory limits for risk management, which allow the investor to be sure that his losses will not exceed the specified value.
  • 2. Advanced risk management settings
    Some investors have extensive experience and knowledge in portfolio management, therefore, if desired, the investor can adjust the limits of risk management parameters at his discretion.
  • 3. Independence of risk management system from managers
    The manager cannot change the risk management parameters at an arbitrary point in time, which excludes the excess of the investor’s losses over those regulated at the time of the investor’s entry into the managed account (MA). Changes in the parameters are made only with the consent of the Company, and with the obligatory notification of all investors to the MA, and ensuring that they can stop working in the MA before the changes take effect.
  • 4. Facilitation of calculations related to portfolio management
    By limiting losses, an investor can make accurate calculations related to the distribution of portfolio shares between the MA and the risk level of a portfolio and its components.
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